PhoenyxxRysing – meet the burlesque Imperatrix of the Vampire Court of Houston

PhoenyxxRysing to meet your bloody burlesque needs in Houston and beyond! 

PhoenyxxRysing – Michael Vachmiel photography

Hatched by the skilled hands of   Madame Fantastick’s Burlesque Boot Camp   , PhoenyxxRysing took flight from the dark crypts of the Houston’s Vampire scene onto the bright stage of burlesque  at her debut  at   Madame Fantastick’s Spring 2018 Burlesque Showcase at Fitzgerald’s Houston  on April 7, 2018. 



PhoenyxxRysing – Remy Saint photography,  


Like all birds Phoenyxx did not stop at her debut!  She immediately took flight after hatching to work with Chanel St Sin at the historic Avant Garden on April 20, 2018.  


PhoenyxxRysing by Midnight Howl Production .

We look forward to seeing Phoenyxx taking flight again! 

How to handle people with Felonies in the Vampire Community

How to handle people with Felonies in the Vampire Community

A look at the difference between crimes of violence and drug offenses on 420. 

Since people seam to be talking about felony records and social acceptance, lets get into it then. I have no problem with people who have been convicted for drug offences.

It is my belief that drug laws need a massive overhaul and they are racists and classists! 

What I have a problem with are those crimes involving children and sexual assault.
They are just about the only reason I wont let you in the group or groups that I help run. There is just to big of a liability issues.
All that being said, drugs ARE ILLEGAL.
What you do in your own home, that is on you.
When your habits bring police attention upon the community, then we are gonna have an issue.
Drug use is a personal choice.   Abuse and assault is about harming others. 
This should all be petty common sense.
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