Viking Down © by Michael Vachmiel

The follow is the second short story in the world of urban medical horror that I am crafting. Warning, this story contains graphic horror, medical horror, intense sexual situations. Reader discretion advised.

Viking Down

A predator made by wealth
by culture allowing all
every desire given shape
indulgence made the Fall

A walk along the shore
Peace turned to fight
A struggle; “snap” the neck bore
A soul leaving to take flight

Shadows see it
life and death entranced
a monster fell, a monster bit
the rapist flailing, twitching, danced

Red and blue lights surround
The fading life at hand
“Oh, why” she cried
“Oh, isn’t this grand?”

So monsters with souls
took the scene in stride
onto the gurney she was rolled
racing through darkness; oh long desperate ride

 Two on a roof
One red and one white
He turned to her, lady in white, aloof
“Mine” he said, with a nod took flight

Now with tubes in her
Each breath a fight
The Red Man saw violations
Anger and Rage at the sight

A neck snapped
Encased in plastic and steel
A life hangs by a thread
Odin’s pause, his attention reeled

“A daughter turned to a toy
Over a man’s dark desire
One soul destroyed
Both are burning in fire”

“My Halls are filled with warriors little one”
The Old God gave a nod
“of women who fell in battle, who made their rapist done”
“Your time is not now, this road, not yours to yet trod” 

The Lady in White strode in
Ancient Set in new form
“I am Mivka Little one, this fight you will win”
“you suffer so, your soul and flesh worn”

“Healing takes many forms
Both in Darkness and in Light
I send to you a Demon, so your spirit can be made right”

A warrior made by rape
A warrior made of steel
Now left over a bloody drape
Her scars made it real

God and Goddess gave a collective nod
this soul would not fade
a new path it would trod
a destiny tonight, made


“Why a woman” Odin mused over his Fireball watching the sun setting over Galveston Texas.  It was a wonderful fall night.  Island breeze blowing in, pushing the last of the heat off the sand and into the air.  It felt good to Odin’s old bones.

“Why Santa Klaus kiddo?”  Mivka, as Set now likes to be called in this incarnation, sat next to her old friend.  Tequila danced on her lips. This was a rare day.  No wars, no drama, no urgent business.  Just time. A time to breathe with an old friend.

“You can only be a monster and kill so many before it gets to you love” Odin’s red robed arms went outstretched, grabbing the last few draughts of the bottle he had been nursing.  “I like making kids happy.   I like seeing smiles.  I like to be reminded there is life worth living”

“Well then” Mivka leaned in and delivered a perfect smile on mark, “here’s to making the world a happier place” lifting her glass to a toast. 

“So why a female body this time?” Odin pushed a bit harder.

“Honestly?   Better orgasms.”  Mivka smirked

“That’s it?  A better romp in the hay!” Odin got out between chuckles.

“Its good to see you laugh friend” Mivka looked at the dying light sinking into the sea.

“Good to laugh again”

A moment passed.

“You promised to help me” Odin said gently.

“I plan to keep that promise” Mivka said into the dying light.  The mood now somber.

“She was going to get raped.  Every oracle saw it.  Tonight, tomorrow, it was going to happen.  That bastard was going to get her.  This way, this night, she gets saved and …”

“AND” Mivka said with steel and venom in her voice “You get your Viking Maiden, Your Valkyrie.”

“Aye lass” Odin muttered.  “you get a soul for your Underwriters, your bills get paid, your debt to me paid in full.” 

The two stood on their roof top perch.  Each a vulture in their own twisted way, getting something from the hell they were both going to allow, by no choice of their own, by laws set fort by things older than the gods themselves. 

Freewill is a bitch.  Humans must be allowed that.

Laws can be bent, however.  These two were good at that.  

So, with magics from the pair the world went silent to the suffering before it. 

Not that it took much magic for a cruel world to be cruel.

Silence as the women walked along the sea wall.

Silence as the women was slammed into the concrete by the man behind her.

Silence as the humans fought and struggled.

Silence as he raped her.

Silence as he smashed her neck to the ground.

Silence as he slammed his boot on her neck.

The sound of cracking bone and gurgled screams broke the silence.

Within seconds sirens could be heard.  The predator was shocked at how quickly police and EMTS were responding!

“Not possible man!” the raping monster cried, filled with fear over being caught.

“Oh aye” A red robed armed grabbed and him.  “It is quite possible” With a quick throw Odin tossed the raping filth to Mivka.  Horror filled the rapist face as claws and fangs ruptured from flesh; blood splashed across its face! Drug into an alleyway, only the approaching sirens drowned out its screams.

“Love, stop!” Odin gently placed a hand on Mivka shoulder.  You need him.  I need her” 

Mivka gave pause.  Nodded.    With a wave of her hand, flows of magics went forth, black flames washing other the monster before her. Her interrupted meal; healed.

“Come on” Odin urged, “Let the younglings handle things from here”

The two faded into the island’s wind.

Chapter One

“Alice B.  Female.”

All a person’s life summarized into three words.  There was not much else for Katrina Skye to go on.  When the paramedics found Alice on the Galveston Seawall she had been assaulted and nearly killed.  Clothing torn, shoes missing, purse gone, bruising around the throat, no undergarments, vaginal and anal bleeding.  Another one of the sixty victims of rape this year on the island. 

There was a long list of medical terminology describing every slash, bruise, and violation that Alice suffered.   The vampires who act as most of the doctors here would find all this morbidly fascinating.  The succubi who healed in their own way found all the science too mind numbing.   Katrina was the head nurse of the institution. She had to remind her sisters that though tedious, they had to keep up public appearances and fly under cover.

“Speaking of which, time to get under covers” the demon mused to herself as she walked to her first “patient”. 

In the citrus filled halls of the institute it was a typical Saturday night.   Humanity fills the air.   The smell of bile as the elderly and infirm suffering from Cholestasis void into bedpans.   Female patients suffering from bacterial infections and their blood reeking of rotting fish are held in a special room until their illness can be cleared up so they can serve their purpose, food for the vampires and dark fae who reside in these walls.   If their Bacterial vaginosis can not be cleared up quickly, then they will be served up to the unique residents of the lower floors, The Underwriters who make sure the institute’s unique payments to their Investors are always on time. 

Payments are always on time.  

Reaching the door of the room, she was happy to make this one!

Katrina walked into the room and slid off her scrubs. The demon methodically began folding them neatly. Her clothing precisely folded to meet her OCD standards she then sat them on the chair in the corner.  This ritual continued by covering them with a plastic sheet. It was important to her, keeping her clothing clean and out of the splash zone she was going to create.

Nude and uncaring, she went to lock the door behind her, not wishing her duties to be disturbed by a wondering human.  That could be messy.  This was going to be messy enough.

Katrina turned to look it.   It does not need a name.  Male mutt.  Dog. Rapist. Murder.  Privileged white male piece of shit.  It was nude and bound in the ACU, Ambulatory Care Unit’s, unique sound proof isolation room, as not to disturb other guests. 

It was strapped down with Nylon Control Straps, to isolate the upper trunks of the arms and legs, two Nylon One Piece Safety Belts went over the chest, and a four Polypropylene Limb Holders bound the wrist and ankles.   The mouth was kept ajar with a stunningly wide O-ring gag.  Not medical, but effective.

The piece of medical kink mastery, the artistic masterpiece, was the hell of the rapist’s cock. Heavy thick flesh, dripping with cum over its many attachments, stood tall, making the succubus think of watching the old school nobles march with heads held high, marching to the guillotine.

“Well” she said giving the suffering bright purple mushroom of a gland a quick lick, “you are a proud looking head!” and with a quick nip of her teeth it stirred and shot off what it could in its hellhound state.

The most prized toy the man filth decided to “share” with women was held up and hard by what are called Pressure Point Tension Rings.  Seven of them! These special ones were metal and locking.  TWO were at it’s base of the shaft, two were mid-way up its shaft, two small ones around the head, allowing little to escape, forcing each bit of cum and urine back, making the organ swell with no hope of mercy or release!  The final one around the testacies, acting as a castration band, swelling the man-dog’s sack painfully large!
 “Combine this with a nice a steady flow of little blue pills and oxygen being fed into the system and you have a never-ending erection!” Katrina thought quite delightfully.

“Oh wow, you must love this” the demon purred over her bound prey.

The helpless food was coming to.  Realizing its situation, the thrashing began in earnest.  Shaking the bed violently.  The bouncing cock made the demoness laugh, her predatorial nature out now in full.

“Oh, you are wiggling it just for me?  That means you like it don’t you?”  Kat shot him a look of death.  “You have a list of things people like while you rape them don’t you”

Moving her gaze upwards she took delight at her sister’s prep work.  

“Oh, look how hard your slutty tits are!” Kat was now talking aloud and paying no attention to the gaged screams.  The nipples were skewered with medical lancets dipped liquid heat, sending the pictorials into rapid contractions.  “Yeah” came from her mouth between licking blood off the man nipples to keep them hard “Hard slut tits! You must like it!”

Licking and biting from the chest down to the caged cock now deep purple and leaking precum.

“Oh look how wet you are.  Your wet for me bitch!  You love being wet you fucking whore.   That’s what you say to every woman you raped.  Oh wait, can’t rape the willing! That is what your daddy’s rich lawyer said.   She was wet and wanting it!  He said that to!  Cum all over her panties, held up to a jury, showed she was a whore and deserved it!     Isn’t that right fuck meat!”

Katrina bit the tip of his cock, piercing the purple mushroom head with a sharp fang.  The food rode high in pain, arching as high his restraints allowed, shooting blood and cum all over. 

“That’s a good baby boy, cum for mommy.  Let that little man clit feel good with mommy’s tongue all over it.   That’s a good baby boy, relax, don’t fight what’s natural, you know you love it.”  

“Remember those words?” she said between sucking the shaft and licking the head into orgasm, repeated screaming painful orgasm. 

“Remember saying those words”


“to that girl”


“that you had tied down”


 “and made a video of”


“and revenged porn her!”

“at 16 she hung herself”

“just one of many you violated!”

After too many orgasms, too much for a human body to keep up with, there was nothing left.    Its sack was deflated, emptied.

“Oh, dry coming already?  Ran out of spunk?  Don’t worry baby. Momma has exactly what you need!”

Katrina had enough of a snack.

Time to feast.

Horns ruptured from the forehead, wings tore free from the flesh and bone prison of the human form.  Here, in this room, in this ritual chamber, shielded from scrying magics and psychics, a monster could be themselves without fear.

Rage and lust on the other hand were in plentiful quantities.

“Oh you like pain, don’t you?  Your cock is hard, so hard for mommy!  As you said, can’t rape the willing and look how willing you are!  You want me to fuck you? You want your filthy man clit deep inside me don’t you!  If you didn’t want me, you wouldn’t be rock hard right!  Your words right!”

Katrina raised herself over the bleeding cum drenched organ just enough to expose the protruding barbs lining her deepest most interment parts.   The screaming from the food became howls.  No matter the fear, the rage, the struggle, the cock retained its worshipful pose.

The demon slid down on her desert before having the main course.  Barbs went to work, locking the cock into place. Flesh began to rip, and fluids began to pump. The savaged member began to thrust is a desperate attempt to escape the death sentence.


Kat began to ride him until she could feel herself fill.  The meat’s cock was reduced to mush. The blood flow heavy and now unstoppable. Pain and Fear crashing her the hungry womb, each wave of Pain and Fear and perverse pleasure drove her succubus heart into waves of orgasms, satisfaction and inhuman pleasure.

Mid orgasm claws popped.  In a splash of blood and cum, Katrina tore off the man’s head, his last seconds of awareness his mangled decapitated body reflected in the medical exam mirrors. 

Death should have been the end of it. 

The suffering was only starting.

With a word from the language of Hell, the demon worked her magics.   The Qi was hers.  Souls belonged to the Underwriters if they were harvested in the institution. 

Got to help pay the bills.

The once man was still aware.

Alive was not the word for it.

She turned the severed to face her.   Eyes moving, O-ring gag still in place, tongue extended and darting.  Could the undead go mad if there was no longer a human mind to break? 

“Now little baby boy, time to thank mommy for all those orgasms!  Got to make use of you while I can!”

Katrina hopped off the bed and laid down on the floor in the perfect position, like so many times before, so well practice and rehearsed, so the mirrors above could catch every glorious angle on the first go.   So, it can see eternity before it!

Taking the severed head, she opened her legs wide, retracting the barbs to reveal the perfect flower of a dark garden of womanhood. 

“Look at the mess you made baby!  Now use that tongue of yours and lick that filthy cock pudding out of mommy! “ 

With a command the head obeyed, tongue going to work.   Try as the soul could, there was no resistance to the command. Every flavor of filth was known to it, forced to drink the human soup of its own flesh without mercy, without pause.    

“Now don’t be shy baby!  Look up as you give mommy head!” 

Chapter Two.

The head was long gone.  The blood, gore, and cum splashed room being cleaned by others.  “Rank has it privilege” Katrina thought while the hot water of the shower washed away the day’s events.

“Being head nurse and fucking the boss at the same time is nice” the thought drifted in her mind as skilled fingers worked their magic to finish off her needs.

“Humm, yess” escaped her mouth.

The release was a gentle wave in comparison to the erotic delights of a succubus caught in her feeding.   “Sometimes soft is nice.” she mused to herself as the last twinges of hunger were sated.  

Getting off and getting clean while others handle the slop buckets, perform HAZCOM, and make the room all “righty and tighty” for the next encounter with the next bastard who gets to be a deposit into the accounts was a perk she was aware of.  

Turning the shower off and heading back into the locker room, Katrina quickly dried, changed into her civies, deftly applied makeup and fixed her hair. She did a quick check and made sure there was a fresh pair of scrubs for her shift tomorrow.   Sometimes being OCD paid off.

With a delightful smile and a deep feeling of satisfaction of putting a rapist into the ledger book she bolted out of the nurse’s locker room and into her lovers’ arms, who waited by the door.   As always, he was there. Patient. Always with an expression of kindness on his face, adoration in his eyes.  Without a care in the world he scooped her in his arms and gave her gentle kiss. Ancient Vampires are very predictable, and Raylen was wonderful so! 

“Human food?” the vampire whispered gently, still embraced.

“By Lilith yes, I am starved!”

“Gumbo?”  Raylen asked

It was a busy night along the Strand.  The shops long since closed to the tourists who came for their day trips, leaving only creatures of the night, human and otherwise, out and about to enjoy what the evening had to offer.

Galveston was a tourist destination.  Most thought the island closed at dusk.   The Island is dotted with restaurants, pubs, bars, eateries, dives, and private parties occur all the time.

The night air on the island was nice.  It was not the artificial citrus that hid humanity nor was it a wash in humanity like too many people in one closed area.  It was a balance of people, of the sea air, of wonderful spices from food, of age and emotion that danced in the Spirt Aether. The blend only picked up by those sensitive to those energies.

“Perfect a great date night!” Raylen thought as he and his beloved made their way to one of their favorite haunts.  

Outside of The Rue, a fashionable outdoor eatery in old world charm, on Post Office Street, across form a real witch’s shop that scented the whole area in Nag Champa, Raylen and Katrina were contemplating what to order.

The two sat and were amused by the natural beauty of the young waitress that came to attend them.   They ordered their wine and took to discussing their meal.

“What are you in the mood for” Raylen asked while his head was buried in the menu.

“Ah, food?” “You’re the Master, I am but your humble Slave” Katrina teased while playing with her collar.  “You get to make all the hard decisions.    I just get to be spoiled!”

The poor witness delivered the wine just as Katrina’s words purred from her lips.   The young lady turned scarlet, her sexual scent rose hard and fast.   She knew what the couple was playing at, but had little experience, but was obviously eager for experience. 

Raylen smiled at her, gently, and asked for more time, giving the young lady a means to excuse and compose herself without losing face.

 Katrina quickly took a sip of her wine to avoid any need for a witty retort.

“Well then slave, I guess we can have the house special of “everything gumbo” because I want steak, and you like seafood, so we can get both.  Garlic bread too!  Fried Okra is a must!  We can just share that and then desert later.”

“The waitress is cute!”  Kat followed quickly.  Hunger for a succubus can be sated, but never satisfied for long.

“I noticed that” the vampire said with a soft tone.

“Well then, here is to a lovely evening!” the succubus raised her glass to a toast.

“To an eternity of them, with you love.” The vampire raised his and the glassed gently touched.

Chapter Three

One does not survive if one is not smart and prepared. Part of that preparation, when one is hunted, or is hunting, is having safe spaces here and there.  Raylen and Katrina made the island their home, The Strand their hunting grounds.  About the streets of the old part of the island’s tourist traps were lofts, offices, and hidden nooks and crannies one could crash in.   They did the same in Downtown Houston where they lived when not on the island.  Right now, the couple were entwined in the body of the lovely young waitress from “The Rue”

The gumbo was truly delicious!

The desert the couple shared for hours was better!

They were a kind couple to heir lovers.  Their Black Swans, donors who voluntarily fed vampires got most of that love. 

In this case, this was a random, erotic adventure with a beautiful young woman who was a delicious distraction from the horrors of their existence. 

With gentle coxing, the couple sent the young lady off with love, affection and kisses.

Alone again they sat together in the window ledge over looking the street below.  The streets of the Strand were still, people long asleep, leaving the monsters to discuss their business.

“Ray, I need to talk to you” Katrina leaned into Raylen, basking in the touch of her lover.

“Yes love? What’s on your mind” Raylen responded

“It’s about the rape victim, Alice.   Mivka wants to giver her over. Awaken the essence of her.”
“So, Alice is a monster?”  Raylen looked gently “What is wrong with that?”

“She’s a Valkyrie love.  She will be taken off by Odin to fight in one of his wars” Katrina cuddled deeper. 

“Unlike how we fight in Mivka’s wars love?” Raylen pushed gently

“ That is different …. No, don’t say it Ray, its not .. we all fight for survival in our own way. Just feels like we are, I don’t know” Kat sat up gently, bothered.

“It feels like we are using her?  What’s the alternative? A slow death hooked up to machines in a broken body?  That’s not much of a future love” 

“Sucks” Kat said softly

“I know” Raylen leaned in and gave an affirming hug.

“You’re a great healer love.” Raylen placed hands on shoulders gently massaging the tensions away.  “let’s go work your magics”

“You owe me cupcakes meanie!” Katrina darted her tongue out

“Chocolate with sprinkles as always”

Chapter Four

Revenge is easy.  Hate is easy.  Wrath is easy.  Death is easy.  There is a limited range of emotions in killing, emotions that are pure, motivations easy to understand. 

Healing is life and life is complex. 

Alice B was on life support, her body locked in a metal frame; any small shift in her spinal column would mean death.   Her ribs were held together with pins and rods, some removed completely, compromising her breathing until her last days.   The brain was deprived of oxygen, respirators keeping her alive.  Tubes taking waste from her would have to be cleaned many times a day to prevent infection.  Even if she woke up, she would have been a shell of herself.  Life crushed her.  Life failed her. 

Life fucking sucks.

Katrina had the Qi harvested from murder, boosted by love, and controlled by her will.  Life and death were her to give in this time and place.  She had the pleasure to do one, now she was finding the will to do the other.

“What will your life be Alice?  What glass darkly will I send you down?  What sights will you see? What dreams will you have of your endless days of war and murder? What battlefields will you walk? What souls will you harvest?

Katrina gently touched Alice on the shoulder.

“Will you forgive me for sending you to hell?”

Katrina’s medical mind, the one she hated, went though every possible outcome of doing nothing.  She knew in her heart she was not sending Alice to hell.   Alice was already there and doing nothing would keep her there.

Katrina closed her eyes and drew the Qi from her core.  Pink mixed with the Black Flame, energy common with the children of Set, and the two energies danced and mixed in a pattern of darkness and light.  With a gentle outstretched hand, the energy waves flowed into Alice.

Heart rate rose, pressures became steady.    Again, with gentle touches Katrina caressed the braces and frames holding Alice’s neck in a cage of plastics and steel. With a glow and gentle vibration, they fell away.   Alice’s neck came forward, pinching the tubes closed. Katrina drew her body forward, leaned her head back, and swiftly removed the tubs. 

“You will not need these any more. “Katrina leaned into Alice’s ear “You will never need them again” 

“Humm, wha….”

Katrina swiftly took off the wires monitoring vitals.   She did not want the equipment to blow.  She watched as the last of the energies of pink and black left her.  The rest was up to Alice, who was now dying.

The body of the young lady was now free of wires, tubes, and plastics.  The steel within however was another matter.

The magics burned bright in her.  Her screams and howls became inhuman, the pain so brutal her body arched, and muscles locked. 

The pins holding plate to bone slowly stretched the skin through heighten nerves, stretching the flesh by several inches until there was nothing left to give, ripping through flesh, filling the room with a chorus of ripping sounds of flesh being torn apart from the inside out.  Inhuman screams from Alice joined with the sounds of shredding flesh.

The hundreds of holes burst with flames of black and red, burring the wounds from the inside out.  Alice was being burned alive, fully aware of the hell she was in.

With some force of will she pulled an arm to her face to gaze upon the fire pouring forth from the injuries.  To her horror the last of her human mind snapped. Metal was melting out, taking melted bone and organs with it.  She was living through being dissolved and reformed over and over.  The plates were being forced out.

Liquid metal poured from tears, taking her eyes out in a ruptured charred mess, a blacked mass of putrid ruin.  She knew because her new eyes instantly reformed and the nerves burned pain into her brain.  Metal came forth in vomit, and she held her lungs, guts and tongue as chard bits in her hands.  Again, she felt the shock and pain of instant healing as nerves fed her endless suffering. Metal came forth in sweat, and she held the charring chunks of herself in her hands.  The vicious cycle of being cooked alive repeated until tears again took her eyes, spittle took her tongue, liquid metal sweat took flesh. 

Alice was a dark butterfly being cocooned in a mass of liquid self. 

Chapter 5

“Tea is love” Katrina said meekly to Alice. 

Both women were now in robes, sitting across from one another.  Alone in a private room the two could recover from the recent trauma.  After getting both into clean clothes, Kat gave a mild sedative to take the trauma away from the reborn Valkyrie.  Despite awakening from a coma to holding her melting flesh in her hands Alice took to the magical healing and her new form rather well.

“That is the psychology of being a monster.” Katrina reflected inwardly as Alice sipped her tea.  “The magic creates a psychological boundary, like a fire wall against a virus, with violence and horror being an accepted new baseline of normal stimulus.  A new normal condition.  Instant desensitization.  I don’t think DSM VI will include Abnormal Psychology for immortal monsters.”

“So, what am I again” Alice said between sips.

“How can you be this clam?” Katrina asked, “you lived through a hell scape right out of a horror movie.  You were melted alive and aware though the process.”

“I can’t explain it.  I remember it.  I just seem to can’t remember the pain.  I mean yes, I remember that it hurt, that I should be mad, out and out insane.  Yet, I am just sipping tea with you, like something is making the memory of the pain fade.  Like knowing you’re a succubus that used my rapist head as a sex toy makes me giggle.  Not laugh, not horror, just want to giggle like a school girl.  Like it’s a naughty secret that you find out.   Sorry Mrs. Katrina, I can’t explain it.  I seam to be OK with everything, so let’s leave it at that. “

Katrina could spot denial and deflection a mile away.   Some of it she believed, the trauma of violation? Katrina knew when not to push.  Healing will take its own path.

The only thing left was, Alice,  purified by fire.


“As far as I know Alice, something in your bloodline ties you back to the Vikings.  One of your ancestors must have had an affair with one of Odin’s handmaidens and there was enough of that genetic material in you that you would respond to magic awakening your magical heritage and genetic memory. “Katrina paused to think before continuing

“You mean like healing quickly” Alice jumped in

“Apparently so” Kat replied, bring the lavender tea to her lips.

“And being stronger? This body is fucking hot!” Alice touched the lean muscles of her arms, enjoying the strength of her new form.

“Apparently all monsters are hot.  Must be in the rule book someplace” Kat smirked

“There’s a rulebook?!” Alice leaned in, serious.

“Oh, by Set and Lilith no!   I was just joking love.” Kat said, inwardly wishing there was one.   

“So, what do I do now?”  Alice sat back, sipping her tea. 

Kat shrugged. Alice sat back.  Both women were clueless as what to do next.

Katrina’s phone went off.   Another young woman was just assaulted and was going to need surgery to correct a shattered jaw.  Alice’s eyes burned not with Black Flame, but with Azure Blue.   Rage filled the air and she began to sake with wrath.    She wanted to kill the abuser.  Katrina could smell it on her.

“Alice, come back to me. Love, you can’t go around killing people ..”

Alice turned and looked through the succubus in cold, ruthless stares.

Katrina held up her hands, making a quick sign of peace.

“In board daylight.  Tonight, if you wish, we can find this man.  I can show you how to hunt, to stalk, to seduce and to kill and enjoy it, savoring it.  I can show you how to dispose of a body.    If you are going to be a killer, you need to be smart one. Game?”

The Azure Blue energy around Alice faded while her smile grew.



Head Trauma

A Short Story of Vampires, Medial Horror, and things a bit too real.
By Michael Vachmiel

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