About RevVach

Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist, Writer, Book and Coffee Fanatic, and fearless explorer of the human condition.

Michael Bradley is best known by his non-de plume Michael Vachmiel.

Vachmiel is best known for his work as the impresario and dramaturgist for the Gothic and Vampire subcultures, creating, organizing, and assisting the funding of events that support the artistic underground; the Avant Garde of the Gothic expression.

To achieve these goals, Vachmiel co-founded the Real Vampires of Houston Education Forum in 2015. In 2016 he created The Vampire Court of Houston, Being a Vampire is Our Business (TM),  and currently is their public “Imperator” as the position that combines the role of community activist, councilor, impresario, and dramaturgist.

Along with a trusted group of fellow creatives, the public vampire court, they collectively create events, gatherings, educational lectures, and charitable activities.

Vachmiel in this role has appeared in international media.

World of the Weird premiered with Vachmiel and his fellow vampire dramaturgist Blut Katzchen in 2016. The pair also appeared on The Doctors Television show in 2015.

The pair have also been featured in numerous publications worldwide including The Houston Press, Texas Monthly, Reveal Magazine, Huffington Post, Barcroft Media, Getty Images,

Vachmiel is also a public and private performer. He is a skilled Tarot reader and has performed for both individuals and parties of hundreds of people.

Vachmiel is also a legal Reverend. He has performed marriages of a nontraditional nature.

When not creating art, performing, or conducting weddings Vachmiel is LMT, a Licensed Massage Therapist, MT124970, in the State of Texas, where he runs a thriving practice.

Vachmiel is skilled aromatherapist. His business, Vachmiel’s Dark Lab, is a thriving, young producer of incense, oils, and various aromatic arts. On occasion, it features other forms of artistic expression by Vachmiel or other contributors.

Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist, Writer, book and coffee fanatic, and fearless explorer of the human condition