Services and Contact Information

The following services are provided by Rev. Michael Vachmiel


How to contact Rev. Michael Vachmiel 

All services are by appointment only.  

For  further information you may write his email,  or his Facebook

You may text call or text 346-262-3624. 


Aromatherapy or where to buy the best incense in the world? 

Vachmiel’s Dark Lab makes the best incense on the market using top quality essential oils. Powered by Etsy for your safety! 

Gifts for Goths, vampires, therian, otherkin, fae, steam punk culture, Wicca, pagans and just about any subculture you can think of!



Massage Therapy 


Massages by Michael Bradley LMT 124970

Massage services for Houston Texas area that is safe, legal, and affordable 


Aromatherapy is included free in each session.

Chair Massage 
Deep Tissue 



For in Studio 
I charge $50.00 for one hour of massage 
$75.00 for one and half hours 
$100.00 for two hours.

For Out Calls 
I charge $100.00 for the first hour.
$50.00 for each additional hour.


Contact information

My phone is 346-262-3624
My email is

Terms and conditions subject to change

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me!

Thank you

Michael Bradley 
Massages by Michael
LMT 124970


Wedding Services by Rev. Michael Vachmiel
Make your special day easier with Rev. Vachmiel’s help. 

Make your special day easier with help from Reverend Vach.

Alternative Culture and Same Sex wedding weddings are wonderful!  

It is your wedding!  Let me help you make it as stress free as possible.  I will work with the couple to construct vows, create the ceremony, perform the ceremony, and provide assistance where possible.  

$60.00 for ceremony and vow construction and administration fees.   A copyright free photo is respectfully requested.  Additional fees may be required if traveling.    


Tarot Card Parties 

Michael Vachmiel has been entertaining people with his knowledge of the Tarot for years.   He is available for parties and gatherings.  

$250.00 for 4 hours.   This will allow for eight half hour readings.   $50.00 per hour after.    For outside of Houston Texas additional expenses will apply. 

Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist, Writer, book and coffee fanatic, and fearless explorer of the human condition