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Stone Magic. The easy way to change the energy of your space.

Using Stones to Work Your Will. 

Clockwise – Green Opal, Sunstone (rough), Honey Calcite, and Zeusite


No matter what you call it, energy, Qi, Prana, Quantum, and endless other names, many simply define it as magic, or will working.   Magic can take many forms.  For some it is meditation to change and clear your mind.  Magic for others may mean  candles with their scents, colors, and flames, creating an altered state of conscience allowing the inner voice to be heard.    The list of magical tools is endless as the Arts, Theories, and Practices of spirituality of this world we live in. 

For myself, I like stones.   I love their feel.  I love the sensation of holding a stone or crystal in my hands.  I love to attune with their energies.  I enjoy closing off all other sensations and meditating with stones to feel the waves of energy.

My latest journey with stone have brought some new friends into my reality. 

Green Opal –  This lovely is associated with bodily healing.  Need help with diet and exercise?  This is your buddy.   Need help with getting your base root chakra to help with energy flow?  Need help with positive mental energy?  Need help with strengthening your personal will?    This gift will help you in these goals.    

Oh, not bad at helping you with finances either!   

Sunstone – Work with chakras and need some help, this friend will do it the trick!  Sunstone is an energy source and a remover of spiritual blocks.  Feeling sluggish?    This gift will help with vitality! 

Honey Calcite – Need some strength to the Root Chakra?  Need to be a little more dominant, more decisive?   This is the friend for you! 

Zeusite – a form of blue chalcedony, this mighty friend is about power, dominance, control, divine authority.   If you need people to agree with you and see things your way, this is a wonderful friend to have. 

Vampire Economics

Real Vampires and Economics 
How all vampires are capitalists and why that is a good thing.  By Reverend Michael Vachmiel, Imperator of the Vampire Court of Houston. 
December 4, 2017 

“Human behavior is economic behavior. The particulars may vary, but competition for limited resources remains a constant. Need as well as greed have followed us to the stars, and the rewards of wealth still await those wise enough to recognize this deep thrumming of our common pulse.”

— Nwabudike Morgan, “The Centauri Monopoly”
Alpha Centauri 
Fraxis Games 


Vampires are the ultimate consumers!


Vampires are high maintenance.    There is no other way to put it.    All vampires, for some reason or another, need energy.  Chi, qi, mana, prana, the names of energy are endless!   However, at the end of the day, energy is a product, a good, a material that must be consumed.   The very nature of the vampire is to be the ultimate consumer! 

If there is a product, there must be manufacturing! 


Have you ever thought about what it exactly takes for you, the modern real vampire, to feed?    It takes people, meaning that you must have the entire economic cycle to sustain a population!   Utilities, food, transportation, jobs, manufacturing, commercial and banking systems,  schools, hospitals,  fire and police at bare minimum!   But that is the bare minimum! 

If energy is the product, emotion the raw material, then art and culture is the manufacturing plant. 


Most  vampires have a prefered method of feeding because there is a favorite “flavor” of emotions that a real vampire enjoys.    Night Clubs, Sex Clubs, Art Galleries, Parks,  Opera, Theater and so forth.   All these require buildings, maintenance, economic management to stay open, advertising and promotion, staff, performers, so forth and so on.    In short, a highly complex economic system must be in place to sustain even the smallest group of real vampires to ensure a constant supply of healthy energy for our varies tastes and preferences. 

What is the point of all this? 

Awareness and rationality! 

The point of all of this is to get the real vampire culture to think.  To grow beyond the, wake up, feed, sleep, repeat.   To think, to examine, to grow.   To place your needs and desires in the proper social, economic, political, and spiritual context, just like ALL social groups do,  we begin to take control of our existence in the most practical way, shifting from fantasy to reality. 

That is always a good thing!