Set Incense by Vampire Vachmiel

Unleash the Power of Set! 
Custom Crafted Incense by Vampire Vachmiel 




Set is a powerful god to work with!

Lord of the desert, commanding life and death, master of precious resources!

Lord of the storms, master of destruction and renewal! 

Lord of Chaos, the god would find power in the complex patterns of discord.

Lord of war, Set would harvest energy from conflict.

Set had many symbols, chiefly among them was the ancient symbol of the serpent!

Set in his early incarnation dealt with passion, love and lust

Set was perceived by early Christians to be the Devil / Lucifer for his association with Chaos, War, Death, and the color red.


Sweet musk, peppers, and spices! 



Greeting to all our loyal and repeat customers! Just a friendly reminder that the information presented is based on the folklore of the oils and herbals. This is not a substitute for any legal or medical advice. We hope you enjoy our products and services.


Let the senses run free by enjoying our fresh, hand dipped, custom crafted incense sticks. We soak our incense in the highest quality oils for a full day to ensure maximum fragrance.

We use real essential oils!


Our incense is of the utmost quality and great for use in spiritual and ritual work. The shaft is made from bamboo, gums, and resins of high quality.

Naturally – Do not consume!

All incense are approximately 10.5″ to 11″ inches

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What is a Vampire?

What is a Vampire? 


Hello everyone.

As someone who writes and lectures on vampirism I am often asked, what is a vampire. A vampire, in short, is a being that requires a specific type of energy to maintain wellness. Many other vampires take issues with such a lax definition, but I believe that is from a a lack off medical, spiritual, and social education.

ALL BEINGS take in and give out energy. The human body is a bio electrical machine. This is a scientific fact. We give out energy from conception and it ends only in physical death, From being to end, life is an exchange of energies among all its biological processes.

On a spiritual level, energy is exchanged. From Prayer, to Spellcraft, Hoodoo, Voodoo, Wicca, Reiki, paganism in its many forms and so on.

The simple taking in of energy can not be the sole definition of a vampire because that would mean every being,every animal, every biological organism would be a vampire. We know this not to be the case.

So what makes a vampire a vampire?

Vampire need a specific type of energy to maintain health that can not be acquired through normal biological or spiritual processes. Vampires need this specific type of energy to maintain wellness. Without regular consumption of this energy, a vampire will suffer mental and physical imbalances.

Just my humble observation after a few decades of study.